Monday, February 18, 2008

Valentines Day

Been busy hectic...midterms and and lots of test. In addition to work and school I have to do observations at a local high school for my secondary education minor. Well here is what I have hoarded up these past few weeks.

Valentine's day

Valentines day is such a commercialized holiday but however I too have became one of it's victim. If you truly love someone everyday should be valentines day well there shouldn't be an excuse to show your significant lover that you love them.
My boyfriend and I celebrated ours a month earlier buy building each other a matching bear from build a bear yay and I ended up baking him a vegan mini chocolate cake. It was fun :3 Being the poorly time managed person that I am, I wasn't able to finish the cake before hey came over but here's the finished product. The chocolate cake was actually part of the egg white substitute experiment. You can tell it's a bit dry by the appearance of the crumb.

Mango Lassi

I wanted to try the mango lassi at Dosa Hut so badly but it has dairy in it so I made my own. My b/f who tried both said that the taste is similar but it tasted a bit floury possibly from the soy yogurt. Personally I don't like silk soy yogurt it has a weird taste to it.

Yields about 5 cups, 109 Cal/Serving

1 Cup Soy Yogurt, Plain or Vanilla
1/2 Cup Soy milk, Plain
2 || 420g Mango, Large (preferably the orange skinned one)
+/- 3 Tbsp || Sugar, Granulated
a pinch of salt

  • Peel and cut the mango into chunks, then puree the mango in a food processor and take out the fibers or you can use the blender. The orange skinned mango has a stronger mango taste and much sweeter.
  • Add the rest of the ingredients and blend until everything is combined. If you are using vanilla yogurt add less sugar. The amount of sugar used will vary depending on how ripe the mango is.
Food Thermos

It is such a wonderful invention. It keeps your food warm for up to 8 hours but I have never waited that long before eating my food. It's great especially when you are on campus and do not want to buy expensive vegan food, if they have any that is. Mine has two tub to hold your food and it comes with a carrying bag. Most one person food thermos out there contain two food tubs unless you buy a huge one for a picnic. It may look small but it's really not. My parents though it was small but when I compared one of the tub to the bowl I eat dinner from, it's the same size. I think the depth of the tub is deceiving. It's not bad for it's price it ranges from $10-$50 dollars depending on the brand. I got mine for $11.99 at the Chinese supermarket. It's good enough for me, it keep my food warm for at least 5 hours and it's extremely cheap. You can buy it in Asian supermarkets but I believe they also have a few in Target. I think it's a great investment if you dont have the money to buy food when you are busy running around town or school.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Happy chinese new year!!!

I am so sorry for both waiting so long before posting and losing all the info I have prepared for this posts. College had just started and I was still trying to adjust to the workload and working and the optometrist. I am such a unorganized person!!! All my papers were thrown away by a family member for the New Years cleaning. sigh** However on the other hand, I think I found a egg white replacement!! WHOOPDIEE DOO MARSHMELLOWS FOR ALL!!! Don't think it can be baked for a pavlova though.

Pictures Pictures!!

I was trying to experiment and see what can happen but I never would've guessed it would resemble egg white so much that it can form that sift of a peak. In other words, what I'm trying to say is that I made a bunch and did not have a recipe for it so I ended up eating it and scaring my mom pretending to be a rabid dog. Ahhh all that air in my tummy. BurP**

What I had planned to post this week was LowFat Banana Raspberry Muffins and it actually had a nice crumb and it wasn't disgustingly soggy or any of that good stuff but unfortunate I lost it. Hopefully I can replicate this recipe again.

I'll just post pictures

More picture for the previous steam bun entry

The bun's really tender

The delcious sesame seed paste!

My would have been muffins

I like the crumb. It kinda reminds me of those Chinese fatt koh.

HUGEE bowl of fluff!!

More or less nice hole. Well the point is, is that it retains that hole and the fluff does not sink in like how a peak does not fall if the "egg whites" are stiff enough.

Yay it defies gravity!!