Saturday, August 18, 2007

Day in Manhattan

Wow many things to say and talk about well I'm going to talk about first is my day to Manhattan since that is the title after all. xD

I went with two of my friends, whom I have not seen since high school to Union Square to explore the world or organic produce, green markets and veganism and the whole shindig.

We went to the union square green market and browsed around. There's so many produces and there was this vendor there selling vegan baked goods...well only two...There were the apple cranberry cake and the carrot raisin cookie!! I have not tried it yet though since I was eating alllll day today haha.

I also bought some berry hot garlic jam. No berries only garlic and hot peppers. It was expensive though, $4 for a 2.5 oz. It's minuscules!!! When I went to the poconos I bought my 10.5 oz mayhaw jame for $3.50 at the local green market. There were so many items ranging from herbs to vegetables to flowers to baked goods to ice cream to cheese to goat hide....WTF?! goat hide. I got so pissed I was standing in front of the standing screaming OMFG they killed the poor goats. GOAT KILLERS. Cursing like crazy. It was so upsetting to see. It ruined the whole excitement of being at the green market so we quickly left.

We went to Galaxy Global Eatery a "new age" cafe with a full menu and a lot of vegetarian/vegan choices. There weren't that many vegan choices for the weekend brunch though. We didnt get to see the whole menu since they only gave us the weekend brunch menu. I took the paper menu for a souvenir and that was when I learned that they have the most scariest non veg food in the world!! They served rabbits, ostrich, bison and buffalo. NO FUCKING KIDDING about the new age theme!! As for the vegetarian/vegan food items, they did serve seitan and tempeh and a lot of tofu. I was surprised a non veg restaurant would have even heard of seitan and tempeh. For vegans, there were the choices of all the salads, rosemary tofu skewers, vegan breakfast and bbq buffalo seitan with out the japanese eggplant since it was breaded. As for the vegetarians, there were many choices like the whole wheat blueberry flaxseed pancakes and many of the other dishes as the turkey bacon can be substituted with the tempeh bacon. I got myself the Vegan Breakfast.

The tofu scramble was a bit bland but it had a nice parsley aroma. The potato and tempeh was delicious but the salad was a bit too salty. Maybe the chef mistakenly seasoned the salad a second time instead of the tofu scramble. Don't understand as to how the chef can get that incorrect though...

Archer Farms Fruit Bars (Vegan)
Here's what I've found at Target...FRUIT BARS!! It's like fruit preserve...but they had boxes of fruit preserve next to them so I guess they're not as similar as I think it is. I've bought the pomegranate and the Tropical fruit bars. According to the ingredients of the Pomegranate one, it says apple, natural pomegranate flavor, fruit juice concentrates (pomegranate, blueberry and lemon), elderberry juice, absorbic acid (vitamin c). Here's the ingredients to the Tropical fruit bars:

Vegetable Crackers (Vegan)

Free gift from the Asian grocery store!! My mom got it for free for spending over a certain amount of money in Hong Kong Supermarket. Yayy it's vegan! Here's what the ingredients have to say wheat flour, starch, vegetable oil, celery, scallion, onion, salt, leavening agent (it says in Chinese: leavening powder for food usage) , edible color yellow no.4

Concoctions muahah...

Green Tea Jasmin Cupcake~Muffins
I was intending to make some green tea jasmin muffin but they turned out to be more like cupcakes :[ I must experiment more!! I think I over seeped the green tea because the mufifn had a bitter after taste.

Lara Bars Copy Cats
I love lara bars but I don't think I can afford to buy a bar ranging from $1.29 to $1.79 everytime I go to the supermarket. It super duper good!! I must make my own I shall experiment and see how close I can get to the real deal.

We only had a tub of kiwi and one banana left so I went to buy some fruits after work and my mom also saw that there were no more fruit so she decided to buy some fruits while she was at work and guess what we ended up with? A LOT OF FRUITS. We have 12 different varieties!!

A bunch of Banana
3 Pears
8 Pluots
11 Plums
A bag of Logan
1 Cantaloupe
3 Nectarines
10 Oranges
A bag of Grapes
9 Mango
9 Kiwi
3 Dragon Fruits (Not in the Photo)

I love durians, the king of all fruits!! I had 6 nuggets and mommy bought another durian!!! It's 99 cent per lb!! DURIAN SEASON IS HERE!!!

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