Thursday, July 31, 2008

Preparing for Farm Sanctuary Hoe Down

Yay! My b/f, two other friends and I are going to the Farm Sanctuary for the hoe down. We're going to go there early to set up camp. My two other friends are omnivores and my b/f has converted to vegetarian. He is going to slowly transition to a vegan. We've made food and other needs for the trip. I've tried making lemongrass essential oil but it smells sweet so I don't know if I made it correctly.

Since there will be no showers for the campers, I made my own body wipes/baby wipes. Here's the recipe.

Vegan Baby/Body Wipes

2 Cup Warm Water
2 Tbsp Tea Tree Oil Castile Soup [You might want to use something less foamy]
2 Tbsp Aloe Vera Gel
1 Tsp Baking Soda or 3/4 Tsp Vinegar
Few Drops of Fragrance or Essential Oil

30 sheets of Basic Bounty [Not sure if regular bounty will absorb more so just experiment]

  • Mix all the ingredients in the order listed in a plastic ziploc bag or a tupperware except for the paper towels.
  • Swish the liquid ingredients around.
  • Put the paper towels in the liquid and make sure all the paper absorbs the liquid. Check to see if the middle is still dried or not.
Herbal Properties

Tea tree oil - It is claimed to be good for acne, blackheads and repelling mosquitoes. It fight against certain bacteria and fungi.
Aloe Vera Gel - It is claimed to moisturize and sooth skin.
Baking Soda - It cleans, deodorizes, relieve itches and sooths the skin
Apple Cider Vinegar - It's also very similar to tea tree oil. It's good against rashes, sores, insect bites, acne, poison ivy and poison oak.

Tea Tree Oil Uses
Wikipedia - Aloe Vera
Lamas Beauty

Hot Chili Recipe from Vegan with a Vengeance

I used TVP instead. I had my TVP stored in my cupboard for more than half a year but my main reason is because I'm too lazy to make seitan. I realized I didn't have beans so I had to rollerblade to the grocery store to get some BEEEAAANN. I haven't rollerbladed in years, so I was the crazy girl wobbling down the sidewalk trying to kill people. The hot chili will be heated up in the camp fire on a nice hot summery day so we can sweat like crazy as we get bitten by mosquito. Isn't that a the life.

Kick Ass Carrot Cupcake from Recipezaar

It's called the Eggless Vegan Carrot Cake Cupcake. We made it early this week but my b/f forgot the sugar so we ate it as is but it tasted great without the sugar too because of the spices. I think it would taste great as a savory cupcake. Hahahah. It was actually more like a muffin.

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