Thursday, February 15, 2007


Before you go and read ahead on all my post please read this first.
I will be listing vegetarian, vegan and non vegetarian/vegan food as a FYI.

Here are the legends.
(veg) = vegetarian
(vegan) = obviously, vegan
(nv) = not vegetarian and definitely not vegetarian

Here are some sites you can go to for recipes.

Vegetarian/Vegan Recipe
Vegcooking Affiliated with PETA, they also include a list very similar to Peta's "I can't believe it's Vegan!" Note: I do highly recommend checking those products' ingredients before you purchase them because I've been doing my own research and I emailed the companies. Some of those products listed there are not vegetarian or vegan
VegWeb Very great place for vegetarian recipes
IVU International Vegetarian Unions' list of recipe. There are recipes from around the world. YAy!!
VRG Not as much recipes but very helpful. There are articles and info about the produce you will be using.
It's more like a database of recipes gathered from various links including those above. Note: some of the links don't work.
Vegetarian Times Very narrow search which is great, but it does not list the recipes. You need to search it yourself.
The Vegetarian Society Some recipes

Ingredients Vegetarians/Vegans should watch out for
IVU Very thorough list (does not define ingredients)
Vegetarian Guide Another very thorough list (does not define ingredients)
The Vegetarian Society Very nice list and they do explain why it's not vegetarian/vegan
Vegetarian Watch-Out Nice list with explanation

Food that are Vegetarian/Vegan!
VegCooking Like i have noted before, I recommend you to read the ingredients before purchasing because some of those items are no vegetarian/vegan.
PETA Affiliated with VegCooking. This list is obsoleted. Not all of these products are vegan.
Droogie Awesome list. Note: Only for products in the UK. I'm not certain if it applies to the one in USA.
Vegetarian Cheese List Meatless Rennet Cheese x3 Awesome!
What's in Your Cheese? An article about cheese and rennet. On the bottom of the page they suggest vegetarian cheese including cheese substitute.
Almost Vegan Vegan Blog :3

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